Mooring Bollards


Maritime International is a leading manufacturer of marine bollards and cleats worldwide. Our range of bollards and cleats is unsurpassed by any other manufacturer or supplier. Maritime can provide many of the most popular "legacy" style bollards, optimized bollards, or cast any new style to meet custom requirements. It is Maritime's mission to provide the bollards or cleats our customers require, and not just what we offer.

We began designing and manufacturing mooring bollards over ten years ago with the philosophy to supply the highest quality products backed by reliable engineering and testing. Numerous suppliers of marine bollards in the market consider only the commercial aspects of the product. Maritime's ability to consider technical and commercial considerations collectively is what has made our company unique. Our customers rely on mooring bollards and cleats to perform as expected, and it is our experience, technical expertise, and integrity which provides this assurance.

Contained within this website are the details of our latest bollard and cleat designs, a reference to our "legacy" bollards, which are still available, and general technical information regarding the selection and installation of bollards and cleats. Should you require additional information, or require support for a unique mooring solution, Maritime engineers are available around the world to satisfy your requirements.

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